about me

Through my paintings and works on paper, I search for ways to make tangible the intangible, such as the air around us that supports life without our knowing, interactions with our surrounding environment and the primitive connections with the earth that flow through each person. I explore the depiction of space and atmosphere, as well as relationships between landscape, body, feelings and memory,

Working with acrylic, oil, graphite and collaged paper onto canvas, my process sees my overlapping layers of varying transparencies, adding different shades to create a new set of tonalities. The influence of the landscape is present in all my works, although it is not my aim to represent recognisable locations, the colours and organic shapes are my principle interest. I see my paintings as windows into the viewer’s memories, creating an interaction or dialogue between work and person.

Originally from Barcelona where I studied Mural Painting at La Llotja Arts & Craft College and Fine Arts at the Barcelona University, I am now based in Edinburgh. My works have been exhibited in Paris, Herne, Barcelona and the UK.

Exhibitions and Fairs

2001, Collective exhibition, Barcelona, Espai Pere Pruna

2001, Collective exhibition, París, Espace Beaujon

2002, Collective exhibition, Herne, Emschertal-Museum

2003, Special guest, París, Galerie Maurice Ravel

2004, Solo exhibition, Barcelona, Galeria Artsplastika

2007, Collective exhibition, Barcelona, Galeria Balmes

2008, Collective exhibition, Barcelona, Galeria Arts

2011-2014, Resident artist in Barcelona, Galeria Carré d’artistes

2014, Solo exhibition, Barcelona, Galeria El Catascopio

Since 2014, Resident artist in Barcelona, Galeria El Catascopio

2018, Guest artist, Edinburgh, Ritchie Collins Gallery

2018, Borders Arts Fair

2019, Borders Arts Fair

2019, Collective exhibition, Edinburgh, The Velvet Easel Gallery

2019, Solo exhibition, Galashiels, Old Gala House

2019, Chester Art Fair

2020, Winter Show, Eyemouth, Number Four Gallery

Graphic designer and set designer

2012, Mise-en-scène for ‘La corda fluixa’, Pirates Company

2013, Graphic design for ‘La filla del senyor Bianchi’, La Pell Company

2013, Mise-en-scène for ‘Els guapos son els raros’, Els raros Company

2015, Mise-en-scène for ‘Les supertietes’, BrifBrafBruf Company

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